Glenn Franco Simmons
2 min readFeb 8, 2022
Porcelain dahlias. © GTFS.

Because screen resolutions are becoming better, along with photo-editing software, I’ve been re-editing some of my photos to ensure they are best suited for the precise contemporary viewing standards, including on big-screen TVs.

This is a Porcelain dahlia photographed in San Francisco at The Dahlia Garden in Golden Gate Park. The sun had started breaking out the morning I took these, but dewdrops or raindrops from the heavy fog that was dissipating made these beauties even more beautiful, in my opinion.

If you like seeing flowers on Medium, let me know. I understand it’s not the regular fare of warring politics on Medium, but everyone needs to stop and partake of flowers, just for peace of mind. You can do this by following me and not even having to travel to a garden. Or, if it’s winter, like now, these photos are a reminder of the beauty of spring that is to come!

Enjoy! Please share, if so inclined. © GTFS.

Porcelain dahlia. © GTFS.
Glenn Franco Simmons

Photography is my passion; flower photography is my art. Welcome to my floral page, a departure from what you usually see on Medium. Enjoy.