I will mostly post floral photos on this Medium account; however, an occasional landscape will also be featured. This is an ancient redwood grove in Big Basin Redwoods State Park. The photo was taken before the lightning-caused wildfire that caused significant damage in California’s first state park.
On Twitter, there is “Rose Wednesday” (#rosewednesday), if you tire of the political battles that seem to occupy so many people. I posted this photo and the photo below, plus one I’ve already posted to Medium a short time ago. This rose is Cherry Parfait. It is a beautiful creamy red and white rose. Photographed at the San Jose Municipal Rose Garden.
On Twitter, there is “Tulip Tuesday” (#tuliptuesday), in which photographers and/or gardeners post photos of tulips. In the depths of winter, it is particularly beautiful to remind ourselves of the coming spring. This photo was my contribution yesterday. Although Twitter may be known for its incendiary political battles, there is a lot of beauty one can find on it. There is also “Rose Wednesday” (#rosewednesday).
Victoria Ann dahlia. © The Flower Photographer/Fotos by Franco.
Cherry Parfait rose photographed at the San Jose Municipal Rose Garden in Silicon Valley. It is one of the most beautiful roses I’ve photographed. © Glenn Franco Simmons.

Glenn Franco Simmons

Photography is my passion; flower photography is my art. Welcome to my floral page, a departure from what you usually see on Medium. Enjoy.

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